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Welcome to the Clacton and District Astronomical Association web site. We are a small informal group, meeting on the first Thursday of the month. CDAA is the only Astronomical Society serving the Tendring and Colchester districts.

Monthly Meetings

These meetings are held at "Christ Church United Reform Church" Carnarvan Road, Clacton-on-Sea at 7.30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month (except August). The meetings conclude at 9.45 p.m. Find our Meeting Hall

In addition to the main events, there are also Monthly 'Night Sky' , 'Astro-News' presentations, Seasonal Constellations and a regular raffle.

We are a friendly bunch of amateurs where new members and visitors are always warmly welcomed. Annual membership is currently £15 adults, £6 juniors (under 18 years of age). This covers admission to all of the monthly meetings

Please note that although visitors are very welcome, they are charged an entry fee of £2.00


As part of the lottery funded 'Outreach' programme, we offer speakers for local clubs, societies and schools. A small fee may be required to cover travel expences etc. Click the 'Contacts' tab to get in touch with an appropriate representative of our society. Outreach activities are outlined by clicking the 'Events' tab.

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Our club secretary David Pugh, should be able to answer most queries about the Association itself, whereas I, Bob Leon can answer questions relating to the web site.

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Please note that information given by members to the CDAA (such as email addresses) will not be used for any other purpose than that of providing a means of contact.

2023 Meeting Programme

The December 2023 Meeting

7th December

Christmas Astronomy Quiz and Social

by Mike Haynes

Telescope cartoonOur host for the evening is Roger Sidwell. He will challenge the members to a test of their astronomical knowledge. It should be a fun and social event.

The November 2023 Meeting

2nd November

A Year of Astro-Imaging

by Mike Haynes

Telescope cartoonDavid Pugh is one of the clubs astro-imagers. Over the year he has built up an array of pictures to present to us. His specialty is deep sky objects. He will explain the hardware that he uses and will show us the results of his endeavours.

The October 2023 Meeting

5th October

The Latest Astronomical Research

by Mike Haynes

NewsOur Chairman Mike Haynes will present a round-up of the latest astronomical findings that are in the news at the moment.

The September 2023 Meeting

7th September

The A.G.M.

Followed by:

Asterisms: Fun with Star Patterns

by David Pugh

MosaicWe have moved the A.G.M. from the original October slot to September as it is a more convenient time. We hope to make it mercifully short. After this brief AGM our Secretary David Pugh will give an illustrated talk Asterisms: Fun with Star Patterns". Following a brief explanation of the difference between asterisms and constellations, he will show a number of images of different asterisms and where to find them in the night sky.



As is our normal practice at this time of year: There is no meeting this month

The July 2023 Meeting

6th July 2023

Special Guest Speaker

The Moon

POSTPONED - because of train travel issues

Alternative Programme - Mike Haynes - AstroNews

by Jerry Workman

The MoonOnce more we welcome our regular Guest Speaker Jerry Workman. On this occasion he will be giving a general talk on the subject of 'The Moon'. We have little doubt that It will be an interwsting and informative presentation.

The June 2023 Meeting

1st June

Toward the Galactic Centre with a Standard Camera Lens

by David Pugh

MosaicOur monthly meeting on June 1st will be an illustrated talk by our secretary David Pugh entitled "Toward the Galactic Centre with a Standard Camera Lens". David will show how a humble 50mm camera lens can be successfully used to obtain dramatic images of the Milky Way.

The May 2023 Meeting

4th May 2023

Latest Astronomical Research

by Mike Haynes

uranus ringsOnce more, our Chairman Mike Haynes will present the latest in astronomical research taken from various sources. He will highlight new findings and give us an overview of current investigations into the world of astronomy.

The April 2023 Meeting

6th April 2023

Special Guest Speaker

Adventures with Remote Imaging

by Nik Szymanek

NGC 733Nik is a regular guest presenter at CDAA and is always very welcome. Once more he is here to give us views of his latest, always excelent, images of the night sky. He has access to some of the most advanced remote imaging telescopes in the world. With his skilled post processing, the images that he produces show the true wonder of deep sky objects.

The March 2023 Meeting

2nd March 2023

Binary Stars

by Mike Haynes

binaryMost of the stars in the Universe are born into binary or other multiple star systems. For most of their lives they orbit one another in peace but for some, their final stages often involve violent and spectacular behaviour. This talk looks at the lives of binary systems and outlines why they are so important to astronomers

The February 2023 Meeting

2nd February 2023

Special Guest Speaker

How Far Away are the Stars?

Climbing the Cosmic Ladder

by Dr Matt Bothwell

parallaxHow do we know how far away stars are? Dr Bothwell will describe the history and measurement methods used to determine distance. From Planetary Transits to Ceiphid Variables and beyond he will give an interesting and informative presentation.

The January 2023 Meeting

5th January 2023

The Brian Cottis Memorial Lecture

Understanding the Night Sky

(Suitable for Beginners)

by David Pugh

starsThe meeting on Thursday January 5th will be the Brian Cottis Memorial Lecture given by our secretary David Pugh. This year's talk will be "Understanding the Night Sky", suitable for beginners or persons wishing to learn more about finding their way around the night sky through the year. This will be followed by a planetarium software presentation of interesting objects to view during January.