Welcome to the CDAA

Welcome to the Clacton and District Astronomical Association web site. We are a small informal group, meeting on the first Thursday of the month. CDAA is the only Astronomical Society serving the Tendring and Colchester districts.

Monthly Meetings

These meetings are held at "Christ Church United Reform Church" Carnarvan Road, Clacton-on-Sea at 7.30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month (except August). The meetings conclude at 9.45 p.m. Find our Meeting Hall

In addition to the main events, there are also Monthly 'Night Sky' , 'Astro-News' presentations, Seasonal Constellations and a regular raffle.

We are a friendly bunch of amateurs where new members and visitors are always warmly welcomed. Annual membership is currently £15 adults, £6 juniors (under 18 years of age). This covers admission to all of the monthly meetings

Please note that although visitors are very welcome, they are charged an entry fee of £2.00


As part of the lottery funded 'Outreach' programme, we offer speakers for local clubs, societies and schools. A small fee may be required to cover travel expences etc. Click the 'Contacts' tab to get in touch with an appropriate representative of our society. Outreach activities are outlined by clicking the 'Events' tab.

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Our club secretary David Pugh, should be able to answer most queries about the Association itself, whereas I, Bob Leon can answer questions relating to the web site.

Data Protection Declaration Details

Please note that information given by members to the CDAA (such as email addresses) will not be used for any other purpose than that of providing a means of contact.

Astronomy News Headlines

Headlines taken from the Press this month

2022 Provisional Meeting Programme

Due to the high transmission rate of the 'Omicron' variant, the committee have decided to cancel the January meeting at the Church Hall. It will take place instead, on 'ZOOM'.

If you haven't received details about how to join any of the 'Zoom' meetings, please contact our Chairman Mike Haynes. A decision about meetings in future months will be taken as necessary and you will be informed.

The January 2022 Meeting

6th January 2022

The Brian Cottis Memoriall Lecture

Advances in 21st Century Astronomy

by Mike Haynes,

HSTMike Haynes will be presenting a review of the Advances made in 21st Century Astronomy - in essence, 'What we have learnt and how we have learnt it'.

The February 2022 Meeting

3rd February 2022

It is yet to be decided whether this is a meeting at the church hall or one held on 'Zoom' This comment will be updated once a decision has been made.

Catching More Photons From the Night Sky

by David Pugh

cartoonDavid will present more of his own astronomical images taken in recent months. The instrumentation and techniques on how the images were produced will also be given.